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I'm new here and I'm hoping there are some seasoned parents out there who can offer some advice.

My lad plays tier 2 - there's an excellent chance he'll be tier 1 minor bantam in the fall, they've started checking this spring, and he is one of the integral players on his team. He's involved in the majority of scoring opportunities and needs to be able to be effective for his team to be successful. He's getting really frustrated because kids this spring have started to target him, tangle him up, cross-check him behind the play, etc. and they're constantly getting away with stuff they would never have before. The last three games he has played he has gotten a few ugly retaliation penalties and has come off the ice STEAMING. He can handle the verbal abuse - it's the physical abuse that's wearing him down psychologically... and I'm pretty worried he's going to end up getting hurt.

He's 13, so I get that the anger management issues could be partly hormonal... I told him that he should probably get used to this and shake it off because that's generally going to be the way it is now, and for some reason that didn't make it any bettter? :?

Anyone have any practical advice either from the parenting side of things or tips for the kid on the ice?

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